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4 Tips to Prostate Health Doctors Are Calling “The Fountain of Youth”

Does the thought of getting older have you worried about your prostate?

It should...

What about frequent urination?

If you’re suffering from the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, you’re not alone…

…because according to the Mayo Clinic, half of men over 60 currently suffer from an enlarged prostate, also called benign prostatic hyperplasia (or BPH).

If you’re lucky enough to live to age 85, there’s a near 100% chance (numerous studies show that over 95% of men age 85 and older have BPH or prostate cancer) you’ll suffer from frequent urination, sleep disturbances, an inability to empty your bladder, and more.

Fortunately, recent research has uncovered the 4 steps you can take now to drastically reduce your risk of BPH and even help treat an already enlarged prostate.

In many cases, clinical studies demonstrate that you can actually reverse BPH with proper diet, lifestyle choices, and appropriate supplementation. 

So instead of ignoring your prostate and wondering what you’re next physical will turn up, take action with these 4 prostate shrinking tips:

1: Regular Exercise Prevents & Treats BPH (And Maybe Even Cancer)

Three recent studies show the impact regular exercise and proper diet   have on your prostate.

The first, conducted by a team of medical researchers at Harvard University proved that physically active men are less likely to have BPH as they age. Even if you only exercise at ultra-low intensities (like going for a walk), the Harvard-based study showed significantly less BPH risk.

Some doctors are even using exercise as a BPH treatment. In a randomized trial conducted by Italian scientists, an 18-week exercise regimen reduced BPH and improved overall quality of life significantly for all study participants. Aerobic exercise benefited study participants more, but all active study groups experienced a reduction in symptoms.

Finally, a study of 1,400 men already diagnosed with prostate cancer showed that after diagnosis, 3 hours of exercise per week can reduce the chance of dying from prostate cancer by 61% when compared to men who only exercise 1 hour or less per week.

2: Is Obesity A Key To Understanding BPH?

Over 3 dozen medical studies, including a clinical report in the 2009 Journal of Urology demonstrate a clear connection between being overweight and developing BPH.

Right now, however, the medical field is divided on obesity as a cause for BPH and prostate cancer. Researchers aren’t certain if the active lifestyle associated with lower obesity rates are responsible for lower incidents of BPH or if lower obesity is the true cause.

Either way, some doctors and scientists are still pointing to obesity as one of the early indicators of increased BPH risk.

If you want to avoid an enlarged prostate and reduce your risk of prostate cancer, it’s best to stay at a healthy weight.

3: Keep Your Hormones Balanced

Your risk of an enlarged prostate increases as you get older because of an enzyme called 5-alpha-reducate. This enzyme converts testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Coincidentally, this is the same hormone responsible for male pattern baldness.

The imbalance between your testosterone levels and natural levels of estrogen all men have leads to prostate enlargement and a higher risk for prostate cancer.

Maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, and eating a balanced diet can all help your body block DHT and maintain hormone balance.

4:  Use Supplements To Block DHT

You may not be able to turn back the clock and perfectly restore the hormones of your youth, but you can block the DHT that causes hormone imbalance, baldness, and an enlarged prostate.

From frequent urination and bladder clearing difficulty to male pattern baldness, one of the most popular clinically-backed treatments is supplementation with Saw Palmetto.  

Saw Palmetto is a plant found in the Southern United States that’s full of fatty acids and phytosterols known to help reduce inflammation, detoxify the body, and prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT.

Clinical tests show that blocking DHT may be one of the only ways to beat an enlarged prostate.

There’s Only One Problem: High Quality Saw Palmetto Is Hard To Come By

Currently, the supplement market is full of unregulated scams and gimmicks, wrought with manufacturers selling placebo pills and making false ingredient claims.

Finding a high-quality source of Saw Palmetto Extract isn’t easy, especially because 100% natural Berry Powder may be the only clinically-tested BPH treatment capable of blocking 5-alpha-reducatse (and DHT).

Reviewers All Agree JoySpring's Thyroid Complex Just Plain Works! 

And it’s easy to see why…

Our herbal formula  is one of the only supplements available containing 100% pure Saw Palmetto Extract from all-natural berry sources.

It’s DHT-blocking power has helped thousands of men fight off frequent bathroom trips, hair loss, and other symptoms of hormone imbalance. Plus, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

The only “catch” is that global supplies of Saw Palmetto Berries are limited, especially in the “off-season.”

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