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About Us

We’re a small company with big goals: delivering high quality products at low consumer prices, with unparalleled customer service. Because we believe that an active life is a good life. But we also know that what defines active for each of us can change over time.

At JoySpring we source the best natural supplements at the lowest prices to help you stay healthy and active, at all stages of life. 

A former college football player, with an MBA, Jason now spends a lot less time running across a field chasing after a football and a lot more time running numbers and chasing after his four young children. As a longtime consumer of natural supplements himself, Jason understands how the cost of taking care of one’s health can add up.

That’s why he and his wife Tara, a former college basketball player with a degree in health and exercise science, founded JoySpring, as a way to bring the best available US-made supplements directly to consumers.

Consumers that Melanie, the staff BioMolecular Scientist, works diligently for, ensuring that all of our products have passed strict FDA testing.

It’s a commitment that extends past the purchase point, answering questions that the company’s phenomenal customer service and loyalty manager, Laura, will make sure to resolve as quickly as possible.

Exceptional products, exceptional service, exceptional prices.

It’s a strategy so simple, it works.